Poriron (PorironQ) – filament. (World Trigger)

Worried about puberty and being a kid, Midorikawa consults with Yuuma, who is about his age, on adult things like growing hair in certain places. This leads to some risqué situations and heart-tugging scenes as Midorikawa searches for an answer to his worries.

Title: filament.
Artist: Poriron
Circle: PorironQ
Fandom: World Trigger
Pages: 34
Translator: Kenpari
Editor: Contxt
Scanner: Shinjisan
QC: Cipher-kun, gmartinez12

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Kugi (Ziploc) – Footjob (Ginga e Kickoff!!)

Footjob 00 Footjob 19

Tagi and Aoto from Ginga e Kickoff!! get a little naughty when taking a bath together.

Title: Footjob
Artist: Kugi
Circle: Ziploc
From: Ginga e Kickoff!!
Pages: 26
Translator: Kenpari
Editor: Kenpari
Scanner: Shinjisan
QC: aspect, ShotaCat

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