Kotarou (American☆Rock) – HM♥mix (Free!)

One day, Haru wakes up to a younger version of Makoto and spends the day having fun with him.
This is only the Kotarou part of the book.

Title: HM♥mix
Artist: Kotarou
Circle: American☆Rock
From: Free!
Pages: 22
Commissioner: Pops the Weasel
Translator: TheRobotsGhost
Editor: Az
Scanner: sabapple
QC: Cipher-kun, TRG

Kugi (Ziploc) – Onii-chan ni Naritakunai Yamai (Free!)

Onii-chan ni Naritakunai Yamai 01 Onii-chan ni Naritakunai Yamai 14

This cute story follows around little Makoto from Free!, who seeks attention from a new teacher while he’s feeling neglected at home from his mother’s pregnancy.

Title: Onii-chan ni Naritakunai Yamai
Artist: Kugi
Circle: Ziploc
Anthology: Renai Shachuation
From: Free!
Released: 2014-03-16
Pages: 39
Translator: WarDance
Editor: Kenpari
Scanner: sabapple
QC: aspect, WarDance, ShotaCat

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