SGPT (Shi) – Double My Little Brother!! [First Half] (Big Hero 6)

Title: Double My Little Brother!! [First Half]
Circle: SGPT (samugakupetti)
Artist: Shiogochi (Shi)
Parody: Big Hero 6
Pages: 26
Translator: JDS
Editor: d4sh
QC: Cipher-kun, gmartinez12, Thesword
Scanner: kyrios97

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Shiogochi (SGPT) – Oshiri Pettan Hiro Pettan (Big Hero 6)

Hiro gets a very thorough “pettan” butt inspection by Tadashi.

Title: Oshiri Pettan Hiro Pettan
Artist: Shiogochi
Circle: SGPT
Fandom: Big Hero 6
Pages: 18
Translator: JDS
Editor: JDS
Scanner: kyrios97
QC: Cipher-kun, jay19

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