DOUSAI (YANCHA CLUB) – Ganpekigai no Natto (Made in Abyss)

Title: Ganpekigai no Natto (Natt of the Wharf District)
Artist: Dousai
Circle: Yancha Club
From: Made in Abyss
Pages: 22
Translator: Frost
Editor: d4sh
Scanner: ShotaCat
QC: gmartinez12, aspect

Translator’s Note: This one is kinda harsh. Hardly any lovey-dovey stuff in here, but it’s an interesting story, if a bit depressing.
Cootie warning, there is some female nudity in this one, but with all the other questionable things going on, it shouldn’t really matter. I know some of you have allergies though, so here’s your warning.

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Yoshiragi (Sayonara Hornet) – Newly married couple (Mobile Suit Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans)

Title: Newly married couple
Artist: Yoshiragi
Circle: Sayonara Hornet
From: Mobile Suit Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans
Pages: 26
Translator: alparslan
Editor: d4sh
Scanner: ShotaCat
QC: aspect, Cipher-Kun

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