Sakaki Tsui (88scones) – Koizome Kyoushitsu

Koizome Kyoushitsu 00a Koizome Kyoushitsu 10

This is a lovey-dovey shota story about two calligraphy classmates who end up mating after a love confession. One shota is pretty much at the top of his class while the other writes like his brush is a chicken trying to get away.

Title: Koizome Kyoushitsu
English Title: Love-dyed Classroom
Artist: Sakaki Tsui
Circle: 88scones
From: Original
Anthology: Shota Scratch 16
Pages: 22
Translator: TheRobotsGhost
Editor: MrBitCaption
Scanner: UchoFan1
QC: aspect, ShotaCat

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