Nabenco (Nikomutoko) – Roboneko ofuro mo issho

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Otani and Chimi, the robot catboy, take a bath together.

Title: Roboneko ofuro mo issho
Artist: Nabenco
Circle: Nikomutoko
From: Original
Pages: 22
Translator: TheRobotsGhost
Editor: TMA-2
Scanner: TheRobotsGhost
QC: Kenpari, ShotaCat

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Nabenko (Nikomutoko) – Roboneko no shitsuke kata

Roboneko no shitsuke kata 001 Roboneko no shitsuke kata 007

An ordinary guy becomes a beta tester for a new Robot Cat model. However, the instruction manual is quite unique.

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Title: Roboneko no shitsuke kata
English Title: How to train a robot cat.
Artist: Nabenko
Circle: Nikomutoko
From: Original
Pages: 20
Released: May 5th, 2015
Translator: TheRobotsGhost
Editor: d4sh
Scanner: N/A
QC: aspect, TheRobotsGhost

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