Kurokawa Juso (Catcher in the Rye) – Zoku Akunin

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Shindo and Asura run into trouble after accepting a new contract. This is the sequel to Akunin.

Title: Zoku Akunin
Artist: Kurokawa Juso
Circle: Catcher in the rye
From: original
Pages: 46
Translator: TheRobotsGhost
Editor: aspect
Decensor: TheRobotsGhost
Scanner: Shinjisan
QC: ShotaCat, TheRobotsGhost

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Kurokawa Juso (Catcher In the Rye) – Onboro sou Monogatari

Title: Onboro sou Monogatari
English Title: Rundown Manor Tale
Artist: Kurokawa Juso
Circle: Catcher in the Rye
From: Original
Pages: 23
Translated by: TheRobotsGhost
Edited by: cjs499
Scanned by: N/A

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