Honjou Rika (C-Mania) – Love Like Candy Floss (Rockman EXE)

Title: Love Like Candy Floss
Artist: Honjou Rika
Circle: C-Mania
From: Rockman EXE
Pages: 34
Translator: Frost
Editor: Vexagon
Scanner: Uchofan1
QC: gmartinez12, Otho

Translator’s note: Little smut in this one, and kind of a downer story…I remember stuff like this from Aku-Tenshi back in the day.
I don’t even know if all of you will consider this shota, even though I know I do. They’re 11 in the games, after all.
Still, I was given this as an exclusive back in the day, and there is some ero in it, so I’ll give it a try.

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Artist Info:
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