Various (Ad-Hoc) – K.O. (Summer Wars)

Kazuma-kun pays the price for being so damn sexy and wearing extremely suggestive tank tops with shorts.

Title: K.O.
Circle: Ad-Hoc
Artist: Various
Parody: Summer Wars
Pages: 32
Commissioner: Yoshi
Translator: alparslan
Editor: alparslan
QC: Cipher-kun, gmartinez12

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Gonbuto (Ad-Hoc) – Yuusha Ni-mei wa Tamesareteiru (Battle Spirits Double Drive)

Title: Yuusha Ni-mei wa Tamesareteiru
Artist: Gonbuto
Circle: Ad-Hoc
From: Battle Spirits Double Drive
Pages: 22
Translator: DP152
Editor: DP152
Scanner: Shinjisan
QC: gmartinez12, TRG

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Gonta Kahoru, Okino Matsushiro (Ad-Hoc, Fuwawa) – Milk Caramel (Net Ghost PiPoPa)

Mamoru is a bit sleepy but he still stays up to have fun with his friend, Yuuta.

Milk Caramel
Artist: Gonta Kahoru, Okino Matsushiro
Circle: Ad-Hoc, Fuwawa
From: Net Ghost PiPoPa
Pages: 48
Translator: DP152
Editor: DP152
Scanner: N/A
QC: Cipher-kun, TheRobotsGhost

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Gonbuto (Ad-hoc) – Suiyasen Okyaku-san, Mada Junbi Chuu Deshite (Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes)

Suiyasen Okyaku-san, Mada Junbi Chuu Deshite 01 Suiyasen Okyaku-san, Mada Junbi Chuu Deshite 06

This book focuses on Haqua. Some customers come in and want a refund but Haqua refuses, so the customers take matters into their own hands and find another way to get compensation. Because of this, Haqua ends up finding another way to make money.

Title: Suiyasen Okyaku-san, Mada Junbi Chuu Deshite
English Title: Sorry customers, we’re not open for business yet.
Artist: Gonbuto
Circle: Ad-hoc
From: Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes
Pages: 18
Translator: TheRobotsGhost
Editor: Shiro
Scanner: N/A
QC: TheRobotsGhost, hunnybunny

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