Nanashi Shounen (7c) – Oshioki Iincho!

Oshioki Iincho! 00001 Oshioki Iincho! 00007

The committee chairman catches Shun and Daiki doing some naughty things after school. He makes some noise by accident and gets caught by Daiki. :3 This one is a sequel to Nanashi Shounen (7c) – Mizugitte Kimochi ii ne!

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Title: Oshioki Iincho!
English Title: Committee chairman punishment!
Artist: Nanashi Shounen
Circle: 7c
From: Original
Pages: 30
Released: 12-28-2014
Translator: therobotsghost
Editor: d4sh
Cleaner/Decensor: Blackpaws
Scanner: UchoFan1
QC: aspect, TheRobotsGhost

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