Join Us

We’re always looking for active volunteers who would like to join our team and help the shota community thrive! Look at our About page and completed projects to see what kind of shota we like to focus on.


How to apply:

Applications are usually replied to within 24 hours. Direct any recruitment questions to or send a message on the Contact Us page.

NOTE: If you’re applying to the commission side of our blog, you will need to apply the same way as volunteers. Keep in mind that enrollment into commissioned work is not guaranteed and we do require volunteer work beforehand to be considered for commissioned work.

Quality Control:

Before we publish new releases to the public, we need people with good eyes to quality check our work.

Demand: Low/Medium
Responsibilities: A firm grasp on English. Knowing correct grammar and the difference between natural sounding dialogue versus basic English is also required. Ability to learn and spot graphical errors in edited work.


We are looking for quality work! We don’t mind explaining some aspects of typesetting and providing resources such as fonts and guides, but some experience with image editing is preferred.

Demand: Medium/High
Responsibilities: Removing Japanese text and replacing it with translated text with appropriate fonts and such. Possible redrawing needed for more difficult projects.


As a translator, you have the freedom to translate what you wish, but please remember that we focus on masculine shota. If you only want to translate traps and girly boys, then it’s best to apply elsewhere. We’re currently only looking for Japanese to English translators. If you’re a re-translation group, feel free to use our translations to translate into your language. A linkback to our page would be appreciated!

Demand: High
Responsibilities: Translate Japanese text into English, provide this information in a document for editors to use.